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Recently, there has been an increase in online businesses collecting personal data from users. It is claimed that this information helps those companies provide a better service to their customers, but many people are concerned about the way that companies use data and how much control individuals have over it. takes these concerns into account and as such we want to make our privacy policy accessible to everyone, especially when it comes to children. Equally importantly, we do not want anyone to feel excluded because they cannot understand the policy. As such, here is a plain English summary of what does with your data and how you can control that useful if you so wish: is an online business that specializes in providing helpful travel advice and articles to customers by using modern technology such as cognitive computing and machine learning. As with many other companies today, we do collect some personal data from our visitors, but we take care to ensure that we handle it responsibly and only use it for legitimate purposes. In some cases, we also anonym anonymize the data to help improve things like machine learning algorithms and statistics which keep Trave running smoothly for everyone else looking for travel advice.

we have a formal process for asking permission from users before passing on their information to third parties who may want it for their reasons. For example, we might share a list of users’ names and contact details with a service that recommends places to stay. However, their third party is not allowed to use this information for purposes such as marketing or advertising. will never sell your data for personal gain or use it in any way other than the one you explicitly agreed to. Suppose at any time, our customers wish to stop all data collection and sharing actions for their online accounts. In that case, they can log into the corresponding section of the website and modify their settings or simply click on the unsubscribe button when receiving any promotional emails.

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