9 Best Tourist Attractions Beijing

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If you want to travel to Beijing, you should know all the information about Beijing travel and tourist attractions Beijing. Beijing is the capital of China and one of the most populated cities globally. It is a focus area for modern, innovative economic development.

Beijing has 7,000 years of history and has been at center stage for historic events such as the Boxer Rebellion, World War II, Chinese Civil War, and Sino-Japanese Wars.

It has suffered from wars that have caused significant destruction to its heritage sites. The city was rebuilt after each war with new architecture and infrastructure. Today it is considered an important tourist destination because of its historical significance and cultural attractions.

tourist attractions beijing
Great Wall of China

The capital of China and one of its most populous cities. Learning more about China’s past, these steps should be on your list. The Great Wall of China is another must-see attraction for those who love history.

It’s located just outside Beijing and has been around since ancient times. There are many other interesting sights throughout the country as well. You’ll find them all once you start planning your trip!

Best time to visit Beijing

Beijing is any time of year. Springtime (March through May) is lovely with its blooming flowers and clear weather. Summer can get very hot, so make sure you pack plenty of water or bring a fan along.

Autumn (September through November) is also nice because it’s not too warm, but there are still beautiful colors everywhere. Winter (December through February) is usually cold and snowy.

If you like snow, this might be the best season for you. But if you don’t want to deal with winter, spring would probably work out better for you.

The most popular way to travel in China is by air-conditioned train. The trains run on high-speed rail lines between major cities throughout the country.

Trains offer comfortable seating, dining cars, sleeping compartments, luggage storage, and even wi-fi access onboard! You’ll find tickets available at stations, online, or from your hotel concierge.

Points of interest: Contrasts between the old and new Beijing

tourist attractions Beijing
Beautiful view of yonghegong lama temple

Climate: A year-round continental climate.

Beijing travel tip will help you to know the weather in Beijing. For anyone who has visited Beijing in the winter, you know how brutally cold it can get. The average temperature during the winter months is around freezing or even below zero, while summer temperatures often exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Beijing has a notorious continental climate which means that the city experiences extreme temperatures throughout the year. Winter days are usually very windy with frequent snowstorms.

Summer days are hot but not as humid as in other parts of China. Spring and autumn have milder weather than either season. Beijing’s Climate by Month.

9 Best Tourist Attractions Beijing:

Before visiting Beijing, you need to know about the tourist attractions Beijing. Beijing, the capital of China, is a vibrant city rich in history and culture.

It is home to many monuments, including the Temple of Heaven and Tiananmen Square. Beijing also has a variety of tourist attractions to offer, from the Forbidden City to the Great Wall. There are plenty of things for tourists to do when they visit this beautiful city. Here are 9 Best Tourist Attractions Beijing.

01: Forbidden City

tourist attractions Beijing
Ancient royal palaces of the forbidden city in Beijing

Forbidden City is one of the top tourist attractions Beijing. Located just outside the center of Beijing, the Forbidden City was built during the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644). The palace complex contains over 1,000 buildings, including palaces, temples, gardens, courtyards, and imperial residences. Today it houses various museums that showcase China’s cultural heritage.

02: Tian’anmen Square

This square, located near the heart of downtown Beijing, is one of China’s most famous landmarks. It has been a symbol of Chinese nationalism since 1949. Mao Zedong declared martial law here on June 4th, 1950. Tian’anmen Square is one of the popular tourist attractions Beijing. 

Tian anmen Square
Tian’anmen Square

Tiananmen Square was created in the 16th century as a public square for imperial garden dueling and opera performances. The square became famous after it hosted protests against Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution during the 1970s.

Today, this area remains a popular place for tourists and locals alike. Many museums are located around the square, including the National Museum of China, which houses over 10 million artifacts.

Tian’anmen is one of Beijing’s most visited tourist attractions, with more than 5 million visitors annually.

03: The Great Wall

One of the world’s seven wonders, this wall stretches for more than 6,500 miles from the Liaodong Peninsula to Jiayuguan Pass in Gansu Province.

Beijing tour great wall is one of the top spots Beijing tours. You can walk along its length or take an overnight train ride through some of the country’s most remote regions. The best way to see the wall is by taking a tour with a company like China Highlights Tours (www.chinahighlightstours.com).

They offer tours throughout China and specialize in trips to the Great Wall. Their guides are well-versed in history and culture as they lead you around the wall. The Great Wall is one of the top tourist attractions Beijing.

04: Tibetan Monasteries

Tibetan Monasteries is one of the popular tourist attractions Beijing. These monasteries have survived centuries of war between Tibet and other countries.

Many were established during the 7th century when Buddhism was introduced into Tibet. Today, these ancient buildings house monks who continue their traditions from generation to generation.

Some of them also serve as schools for Buddhist philosophy. One of the oldest Tibetan monasteries is Ganden Choker Ling Monastery which dates back more than 1,000 years.

tourist attractions beijing
Tibetan Monasteries

It’s located about an hour outside Lhasa on a hilltop overlooking the city. The monastery has been home to many great scholars, including Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo (1110–1209), one of the most important figures in the development of Mahayana Buddhism.

The Potala Palace and its surrounding area are another major attraction in Lhasa. This palace complex consists of three main structures: the Norbulingka or Summer Pavilion; the Drepung or Great Stupa; and Serkong Gompa.

Songtsen Gampo built the Norbulingka as his summer retreat from 649 until he moved into the Potala Palace. Today it houses various government offices and serves as the residence for the Dalai Lama when he visits Lhasa.

The Drepung is a large stupa, which contains relics of Sakya Pandita, an Indian scholar who lived during the 8th century CE. It also has some interesting murals depicting scenes from Buddhist mythology.

05: Temple of Heaven

The Temple of Heaven is a large complex of buildings, the most recognizable of which is the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests. The temple was established in 1420 and has long been considered Beijing’s center. Tian’anmen Square is one of the tops tourist attractions Beijing.

06: Ming Tombs

tourist attractions beijing
Ming Tombs

Ming Tombs is a UNESCO World Heritage site that has been in use since 1616 when the Emperor was buried. The tombs are situated in Changping County, about an hour away from Beijing.

Signage points visitors in the right direction. Visitors can walk through the grounds over hills and valleys before reaching the tombs themselves.

These are protected by waterfalls, pavilions, bridges, corridors, gates, and chambers. This is one of the tops tourist attractions Beijing.

07: Lama Temple

Lama Temple is one of the most important tourist attractions Beijing, considering its traditional and religious aspects. Beijing is a city of great history and culture with temples all over the city.

One of them is the Lama Temple, known for its many Buddhist statues. Located in Mentougou District, it was built in 1777 using the support of the Kangxi Emperor.

Today, visitors can walk through this atmospheric place to view its magnificent artwork. It has four main halls that are all worth seeing.

The first hall contains an enormous statue of Sakyamuni Buddha which stands at more than 30 meters tall. His disciple Ananda sits in front of him, who holds up a book containing the sutras.

08: Beijing Olympic Park

In 2008, the Beijing Olympic Park opened to the public after a four-year construction process. The park is located on Beijing’s northern edge and covers a large area, measuring over 3 square kilometers.

In addition to providing visitors with excellent recreational opportunities, the park also serves as a green lung for Beijing’s many inhabitants.

There are three main zones: North Park, Central Park, and South Park. Each zone has unique features that stand out from other parks around China.

For example, the central part of the park contains an artificial lake called “The Water Garden” where people can enjoy boating or relax on the grass. Beijing Olympic Park is now one of the most popular tourist attractions Beijing. Tourists visiting Beijing now often visit it.

09: National Museum of China

The National Museum of China is one of Beijing’s most famous historical spots. It is located on Chang’an Avenue adjacent to Tiananmen Square, and it features artifacts dating back 2,000 years. If you are interested in Chinese history, it’s a great place to visit! Tiananmen Square

This square has been the center of political activity for over two thousand years. This was once the site of the Imperial Palace (the Forbidden City) before being destroyed by fire during the Ming Dynasty. This is one of the popular tourist attractions Beijing.

What to eat:

There are a lot of options when deciding what to eat in Beijing. The spicy and oily cuisines, such as Sichuan cuisine, are popular in the capital city.

Beijing has a strong imperial history, and many of the dishes that come from that era, such as Peking duck, remain favorites to this day.

Cha shao bing is a common breakfast option for many locals in Beijing, and it consists of dough filled with various ingredients and deep-fried in oil. It’s also easy to find street vendors selling cha siu bao or steamed bread stuffed with pork floss.

There are plenty of other snacks available at any day, including dumplings, noodles, rice cakes, fried chicken, etc. Beijingers love their food so much they have even created an entire festival dedicated to eating!

The annual Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) is one of the biggest celebrations on earth and lasts over two weeks. 

Tips: Tourist attractions Beijing

Tourists to Beijing are often left with the impression that the city is vast, sprawling, and crowded. But thanks to the tips in this article, you’ll be able to visit Beijing like a local! 

Since Beijing is rather large (over 8 million people reside in Beijing), getting around can be quite difficult for tourists. For most tourists, subways are the easiest way to get around; they are cheap and efficient. Beijing is a must-see destination for any traveler.

China’s capital city has a culture and history unlike anywhere else in the world. It’s also an important business center in Asia, with many multinational companies setting up shop here.

Beijing is also known for its rich cuisine, vast green spaces, and thriving nightlife. If you’re looking for something different from your typical tourist destinations, then this should be at the top of your list.

Shopping: Types of shops and brands available 

Many different types of shops cater to different needs. From food markets to clothes, Beijing is filled with shopping options for everyone. Local markets are great places to buy fresh produce and other goods at a low cost.

Luxury brands are also available in the city’s malls, with some stores carrying brands such as Burberry or Rolex. There are even luxury hotels where guests can shop while staying there!

The best part about shopping in China? You don’t need any money on hand because everything is paid by credit card.

Getting there: How to get to Beijing from the airport 

When arriving at the Beijing airport, there are a few things that you need to know. Beijing is a huge city with many districts and suburbs. The airport is located in 10th Ring Road North Airport Subdistrict, Daxing District, about 18 kilometers from downtown Beijing.

Driving to the airport can be done with a standard vehicle or by taxi from outside of the terminal. Driving yourself will take approximately 30 minutes to reach the airport.

There are also buses available for those who want to travel directly to their hotel after arriving at the airport. However, these buses only run during peak hours (8:00-10:30 am), so if your flight arrives before 8:00 am, then this option may not work out well for you.

The easiest way to get around once inside the city limits is via public transportation. Buses and taxis are readily available throughout the city. You can buy tickets onboard using cash or a credit card. A single ticket costs ¥5 while an all-day pass costs ¥15.

In conclusion,

Beijing is a place that will challenge the minds and bodies of tourists. If you’re looking for an adventure, Beijing will give you plenty. Beijing has plenty to offer in terms of natural beauty, culture, and history . You’ll be able to tour both modern Beijing and old Beijing. There are all sorts of hotels to choose from, depending on your needs. Beijing is a city that any traveler can’t miss. We hope you find all the information and tourist attractions Beijing in this blog.

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